“Buy cheap buy twice” “You get what you pay for” etc

"Buy cheap buy twice" "You get what you pay for" etc

“Buy cheap, buy twice” “You get what you pay for” etc etc.
It has come to my attention that these phrases are being brought up more often in the print & design industry. Whenever I meet up with a new client and start discussing there print requirements I always bring over a couple of print samples we have done, so they can see the quality for themselves. More often than not it is met with a response like ‘Ohh these are really high quality, I bet they are expensive’ (they aren’t expensive by the way) or ‘They are loads better than my old ones that I got from V***Print’.

I’ll be the first one to admit that we aren’t the cheapest printing company out there, but the feedback we receive from our clients speak for themselves. I wont name drop any companies here, but there is one that stands out the most (you may have seen the advert on TV), this company produces business cards for as little as 2.50 per 100. Now you have to ask yourself how are they producing it that cheaply and what is the quality like? I certainly do! More often than not, these business cards will be the lowest quality paper they have. Printed one sided onto flimsy stock. Your business card is the first thing clients will see so it is imperative you leave a lasting impression. So far *touch wood* nobody has complained about our quality of print and we have gone far beyond there expectations, which is something we are very proud of. See how GG Designs can help you with your print requirements by getting in touch at [email protected]