What Is Scodixing, And What Can It Do For You?


Create a printing experience that touches the senses and delivers sustainable differentiation!

SCODIX has to be seen and felt to appreciate that it’s a great way to upsell, enhance and add real value to standard printing.

Scodix is a print finish that adds a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs by producing a raised ink effect. It is a digital enhancement printed on top of an image after the printing and laminating process.

Although often comparted to UV, this digital application provides a much faster turnaround than standard SPOT UV. It’s more economical on short runs and the variable depth of scodixing is something you cannot get with Spot UV.

Scodix can deliver beautiful finishes, smooth, textured, high or low build, one sided or two the effects are endless.

Scodix technology unleashes the power of enhancements, creating a printing experience that touches the senses and delivers sustainable differentiation.

Create unique print that stands out from the rest and leave your lasting impression with Scodix.

Applying Scodix to printed materials is quick and easy. All we need is another layer to your artwork which acts as a mask to the areas you want enhanced.

SCODIX technological advantages
• Economical short runs
• Flexibility to enhance both digital and offset prints
• Scodix does things that traditional offset spot UV cannot
• Variable content
• Variable depth, finish, surface area
• Can Scodix up to print area of 740mm x 520mm
• Scodix can be applied to most paper weights although the effect is greater with coated papers

How do I design for SCODIX – digital enhancement?

Trim Areas
SCODIX High Build cannot bleed outside of trim area.
(Please leave 3mm from the edge of the SCODIX application to the product trim area)

Score Lines
SCODIX High Build cannot be applied over the score/fold areas of a Presentation Folder.
(Please leave 3mm from the SCODIX application to the product score/fold area)

Supplying Final Artwork
When supplying final artwork, SCODIX artwork should be supplied as an extra PDF set as Spot Colour named ‘Scodix’.

How to Setup Your Files
1. Open your artwork in InDesign
2. Create a new layer for the SCODIX separation.
3. Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new SCODIX layer.
4. Create a new colour swatch and name it “Scodix”
5. Select colour type “Spot Colour”, and convert all SCODIX elements to this spot colour.
6. Export this SCODIX layer as a single PDF with all trim marks.