Commercial Exterior CGI

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Commercial Exterior CGIs

When it comes to marketing properties. You get higher returns when you give prospective purchasers a clear picture of your development. At GG DESIGNS, we create realistic exterior property CGI’s  for commercial properties that perfectly depict properties in 3D format and help your prospective buyers to visualise what the property will look like. We are at the forefront of adopting the latest technology to create precise and high-clarity property images.

CGI – Computer Generated Image

What We Offer

With high-quality exterior property CGI from GG DESIGNS, you can eliminate a lot of guesswork from speculative property development. In fact, you can also secure a good flow of capital investment from prospective buyers in the early stages of property development.

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The Commercial Exterior CGI’s that we offer enable the following benefits:

  • Speed up the process of acquiring consent from local authority
  • Conveying the building form and design clearly
  • Understanding context of the proposed structure, in relation to the surrounding infrastructure
  • Demonstrating the uniqueness of your development in the most profound manner
  • Beautifully crafted imagery for your marketing material
  • Share property images on the Internet and publicise it to help increase sales

When you make use of professional exterior property CGI’S from GG DESIGNS, you can show off your commercial property too prospective clients well in advance greatly increases the chance of pre-sales.  All we need from you is the details of the final agreed appearances, including materials and colours, along with any external features, and we can have your CGI ready in 5 working days.

Commercial Exterior CGI creation process

Here at GG DESIGNS, we keep our entire process as quick and simple as possible, working to the following 4 steps:

  1. We start by creating a 3D model, from your 2D architect’s drawings, and send you over a mock-up image, showing the proposed angles.
  2. Once the angle is chosen, we add materials, lighting and finishing touches to create a fully coloured property CGI, which is then sent to you for review.
  3. We encourage you to give us your comments and feedback at this stage, which is then incorporated into the image to create a second version of the CGI, ready for a second review.
  4. Finally, we make any last amendments as needed, and a final high-resolution exterior property CGI is supplied.

For larger projects, we also offer a special service where up to 5 or more feedback loops are provided. This is especially useful for those projects that require heavy customisation.

All you have to do is give us your drawings and we do the rest, resulting in professional and precise CGI property images. Get in touch with us today to enjoy the enormous benefits of meticulous property CGI’s.