Interior CGI

Interior CGIs Our Interior CGIs are highly realistic, and almost indistinguishable from a photograph. LEARN MORE

Interior CGIs

At GGDesigns we are able to produce interior visualisations for both commercial and residential projects. We work with interior designers, fitters, property developers, hotel chains and architects. We are able to model most information in 3D; including drawings, floor plans and furniture requirements. We also integrate light, texture and materials into our virtual images which helps add to the realism.

CGI – Computer Generated Image

What We Offer

With high-quality interior property CGI from GG DESIGNS, you can eliminate a lot of guesswork from speculative property development. In fact, you can also secure a good flow of capital investment from prospective buyers in the early stages of property development.

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Our Interior CGIs are highly realistic, and almost indistinguishable from a photograph.

We use detailed photo-realistic imagery in order to showcase your property, from the inside out. Interior CGIs can be used to add another dimension to your marketing portfolio, as they allow prospective purchasers to visualise how their own personalised spaces will look, and how it will feel to live there. Our images can be utilised to present a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other feature, such as a vaulted ceiling.

Unrivalled Flexibility

At Property-CGI, we are able to alter settings, such as the time and season, to create high-quality images of your vision. We are able to provide our customers with the highest degree of flexibility during the marketing process, by immediately altering fixtures, fittings, furniture, coverings and décor, should their criteria change. We also endeavour to keep customer cost to a minimum throughout the creation of our images, as we maintain an extensive library of free-to-use programmes.

Start Selling Earlier

By working hand in hand with architects, developers and estate agents, we are able to create visualisations of specific designs and fully furnished rooms before ground has been broken on site. Therefore, our CGI images will allow you to start selling at the earliest opportunity, by providing prospective buyers with realistic impressions of your properties. From research to purchase, the buying process typically lasts from 12-18 months, with content and visuals needed at each stage. Through the utilisation of CGI’s, the sale process can be shortened as you will be able to stand out from the competition and provide your customers with an enhanced service.